MADMUN 2019 Issues per committee

Laying the foundation for future generations

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Committees and Chairs:

Security Council: Gannen H, Irini F and María A

  • The issue of cybersecurity
  • The issue of reforming the UN’s legislation
  • The issue of Yemen

ECOSOC: Lily W, Carolina P and Mohamed L

  • The issue of LEDC development and health care education
  • The issue of freedom of press
  • The issue of energy consumption in regards to climate change

Political: Esther S and Ian M

  • The issue of global denuclearization
  • The issue of legal identification
  • The issue of international cooperation and peace in outer space

Human Rights: Gabor B and Manuel L

  • The issue of the protection of refugees
  • The issue of Mali
  • The issue of ensuring the protection of ethics and religious minorities

General Assembly: Natalia B and Ana H

  • The issue of border control regulations
  • The issue of government corruption and promotion of transparency
  • The issue of human trafficking