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General Assembly: Juan T, Lucía P, Loïc B

  • The issue of media manipulation 
  • The issue of human trafficking
  • The issue of water scarcity

Security Council: Luis A, Gannen F, Hanna B

  • The issue of Hong Kong
  • The issue of Turkish and Kurds relations
  • The issue of national instability on account of economic disparity, such as in Chile and Colombia

Political: Ana H, Cristina P, Ian M

  • The issue of corruption in Latin America
  • The issue of Brexit 
  • The issue of election manipulation through foreign interventions

Human Rights: Carolina N, Sebastián G

  • The issue of mental health in humanitarian crises
  • The situation of Uighurs in China 
  • The issue of development and implementation of laws guaranteeing LGBTQ+ rights within society

Environmental: Gerald H, Madison B, Fiona C

  • The issue of animal consumption and its effect on the environment
  • The issue of protecting cultural sites
  • The issue of sustainable tourism